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I am very much in favour of a running track in the dynamic City of London. Clearly there are details to be resolved but, given that this survey is for the running track to be included in the planning stage of pavement upgrades, it seems to be perfect timing.  I have followed the proposed route and was very pleasantly surprised to find it taking me alongside the Thames and touching parts of Culture Mile, giving me something to look at and enjoy whilst running. I particularly enjoyed the Barbican podium where I passed only a handful of people.    
Yes I am in favour of a running track. It will encourage exercise while reducing the risk of injury due to the soft surface.  Having run the route myself I can say it provides superb views around the city of London. It’s location makes it accessible to both residents and commuters.    
It's a great concept and will be a positive signal in support of healthy lifestyles for residents, commuters and others who visit the City.  Seems well thought out and takes in a lot of interesting sites and points of interest.    
The City needs to do everything it can to continue to attract its working population, as now it has growing competition from home offices. A lunchtime run is great for stress relief.  The extent of the Barbican is a surprise, and traffic free.  N/A  
Running is always difficult from EC4, a dedicated track would be brilliant and reduce unnecessary contact with people      
This is hugely beneficial as this is something residents and business workers can utilise.  Great route, with lots to see  Resident so am very close yo the track  
I'm very much in favour. This is a fantastic idea that would benefit residents and commuters more than ever now, providing a safe and easy running/walking route in the City.  I've run this proposed track myself and enjoyed how varied it was, going through Smithfield market, Barbican and along the riverside. Great route!    
 Although some shorter version(s) might be welcome too    
Would worry about congestion though      
Great Idea      
 Although a round 5k would be better  I would be travelling local to home  
I don't think it goes far enough! I would love to see significant pedestrianisation of the City.      
 I live in south London so anywhere there  I don't travel to my exercise destination  
Will be a great addition to what is already city  Looks very interesting as picking up a number of landmarks    
 Would be good to see the route outlined on a map but I would be in favour of anything like this in central London.    
For friends of mine that don’t run, it may encourage them.      
Absolutely, I think this would be lovely!  Yes!    
we have enough charity walks and runs disrupting the city plus cycle lanes  as above    
Many people would benefit from this that I know of so I think its a great idea.      
Yes this is an excellent proposal and I am in favour. I would personally benefit on my own runs when I’m in the City, and I know other runners and walkers would benefit from a dedicated soft surface track. This is a positive initiative for residents and commuters encouraging a healthy lifestyle.  Yes, I have run parts of the route already. This route is well planned, it is varied and passes landmarks making this an interesting run or walk.  N/A  
A wonderful idea. I love running in this part of the city (I used to live on the Golden Lane Estate) and would be more likely to run here if there was a guaranteed path for runners.      
- I really like the proposed route for the sights and quietness (compared to other areas of the City). - Some running apps such as Strava enable the user to compare themselves against others on commonly used running sections. The more this route is used, the more likely that it will show up on Strava as a popular running route. I don't know to what degree Strava might impact the route's popularity, but I think its a possibility either pre or post construction.  - I am unfamiliar with the Barbican Podium, but I assume that this path currently has a similar to surface to other sections. - If the track had to be different colours in different sections, I don't think that this would detract from the route in any way. I say this because I imagine that outside St Paul's a distinctive colour might not be looked upon favourably (Entirely guesswork). In a more busy section, the route may need to be made more clear.    
 As a Barbican resident, I would be against including the Barbican podium in the route.    
Running around the Barbican Podium is detrimental to the safety of walkers  exclude the Barbican Podium  this question requires a third option - not applicable. You have already asked if you start from home.  
No - a running track through a residential estate is a very bad idea      
Do not want runners overtaking the podium outside my home that I need to use for access  No - not in Barbican  N/a  
 This is a brilliant idea, though some parts of the route would require adjustments. In particular the proposed route across the Barbican highwalk is dangerous without the removal of the ‘yellow shed’ entrance to the Barbican Exhibition Halls, which is now virtually disused but would, if this proposal were implemented, needlessly force pedestrians and runners into a very narrow tunnel together.    
Good initiative for the area.      
Strongly against it within the Barbican estate - this is a residential place.  Strongly against it within the Barbican estate - this is a residential place.    
 The part of the route that goes through the Barbican estate is unsuitable because of various obstacles. It also would increase damage to a grade 2 listed estate which would incur significant costs and it would also increase footfall and noise for residents.    
I am a keen runner and a barbican resident. This looks a waste of money and just another thing to maintain. We don't need signs to run around the podium. If you've spare cash please spend it on visable, effective no cycling signs.  We don't need it. It won't enhance live here for residents. There has been a lot on negative feedback around runners on the estate over the past few weeks - this is ill timed and unecessary.    
That would enhance the health of my knee joints and provide for a longer running pastime  Very intelligent project  This is a very good initiative of the City Corporation and is highy recommended  
The route is already crowded with pedestrians at certain times. Carving out space for runners is not fair on the rest of us. Sharing is better than dividing.  Inclusion of the Barbican podium is particularly inappropriate.  Not applicable  
But I will use it!      
Restricts usage on already busy walkways. People already run and walk there so additional insfrastructure not needed.      
I live in the barbican and I think it would be very unfair to residents if this track was put in around a place where people live. we have seen in the lockdown, the challenges/noise/high levels of people jogging. it is very hard to understand why running through a residential area is a good idea. please keep this to street level, there is already significant footfall to the centre.      
Runners are capable of avoiding pedestrains without a track. Collisions are more likely as pedestrians, including deliverymen, will stray into the track and suprise runners.  The Barbican Podium level is not suitable for a running route. I live here, and yet do not run on the podium because of the narrow pathways and pedestrian traffic, including lots of children running and scootering around. During lockdown the podium has been quite empty, and does not give a fair impression of how it is to run on during normal times.    
 Use of the Barbican Estate is inappropriate    
No, I believe runners have lots of options.  The Barbican is a grade II listed building within a Conservation Area, so a marked running track is unsuitable and probably unlikely to be approved.    
I strongly object to the Barbican track - the parts of the track away from the Barbican are fine, but the Barbican is more or less 100% residential, and the increased volume of people would be an intrusion. Additionally, some flats are beneath the podium and there would be SUBSTANTIAL noise transmission to the flats below. We already have this problem with just residents jogging at night during lockdown. PLEASE DO NOT have the track above flats.  Deeply object to the Barbican component.    
Excellent idea to give opportunity for exercise in the City  the Barbican proposals include areas that are too crowded with pedestrians and, in part, involve running over the ROOF of some Barbican flats - noise and vibration will be totally unacceptable for those living below    
 I think it would be best to align the route along the Barbican podium above the Speed House Carpark rather than over the flats beneath the podium to reduce noise disturbance as much as possible.    
A very good idea to help all who participate in this sort of exercise.  Seems to be interesting and unobtrusive.    
Absolutely yes! What a cracking good idea.      
Barbican podium is a residential area which is densely populated. This idea is absurd. Your proposal includes track on top of people’s roofs.  N/a  N/a  
 This route goes over people’s roofs which will make noise. The people living there will be able to hear this quite loudly! Surely you wouldn’t propose a running track over your roof? Also it’s running past peoples flats, and will reduce privacy. This is a very silly idea.    
Great idea!  very convenient- close to Barbican & Golden Lane    
In favour -- there are not enough places to run in the City which are separated from traffic.  The route is safe; separating runners from pedestrians by a separate track is a good idea.  I won't have to go so far to do my running  
Great idea.  Fine  N/a  
I live in the Barbican. We already have a "running track".  We have enough joggers already. Other people (children, walkers) want to use the space as well.    
A great idea and links so well to London being the home of the best marathon in the world      
Looks a brilliant idea      
Although I have some concerns over (a) it's width because just like cycle lanes if you put these facilities in they will be used and this looks too narrow in general and will be congested. Plus, in covid times the runnings will be passing in too close proximity making it dangerous.  I feel there needs to be further consideration of the high pollution areas first and whether a more suitable route is available. There are specific comments re the track not passing Barbican ground level flats, but this fails to take into account that part of the track - the Andrews House section and the Wallside section actually runs OVER bedrooms.    
The Barbican is a residential area well used by the residents. It is unreasonable to have outside runners coming to exercise. At present many runners used the remarkably flat surface that exists contrary to the description of the piece.  It would drive a coach and horses through the protected status of the Barbican and obviously would 'benefit a minority. Under no circumstances can this scheme, insofar as the Estate is concerned, go forward. It's amazing how money seems to be available anyway....    
Disturbance of pedestrians in recent COVID exercise has been acute and I will have to cross this track to get out of my flat    You are proposing to make a mess of the listed Barbican estate podium  
My runs currently involve much of this route. A track is unnecessary and would be a problem for (and take space away from) pedestrians since runners would feel they have right of way. Ducking and diving to avoid pedestrians is more appropriate. This is unnecessary and intrusive.  Use of Barbican podium is completely inappropriate. Noise travels very clearly to higher up flats (e.g. 7th floor). Appearance of running track is not in keeping with Grade II listing. Some sections of Barbican route are extremely narrow so would cause problems for the 4000ish residents and large number of visitors to Arts Centre.  Not applicable  
Totally unnecessary. I'm a runner and think this looks like a waste of resources. Have a running route but not straight through a residential estate I.e. the Barbican. People are more than capable of running their own routes. This looks like a solution in search if a problem. Spend the public's money with more thought & care  Running track = unnecessarily. Running track through residential estate = thoughtless  I'm a Barbican resident & usually walk or run to work anyway. I manage that without a marked running route.  
In favour -- it's a great idea, because there are not many options for runners in the City.  Yes! This route is used by runners already, making it a designated track will only make it safer!  Barbican resident.  
   Great idea - strongly in favour  
Good idea.  Looks safer than current alternatives.  will make it easier to run for me  
LOVE the idea      
The numbers using this track would probably be substantial. That would completely and detrimentally transform the atmosphere, ambience and appeal of the Barbican highwalks which are - by definition - for pedestrian use only.  See reason cited above. Highwalks are for walking.    
 It would be better if it was a fixed 5k route but great idea    
 Barbican podium is not suitable. Noise to adjacent residential properties and particularly to flats underneath the track    
 The Barbican should be excluded. It is a residential area catering for 2000 flats and around 4000 people. Runners along the podium would not be appropriate for safety reasons and would detract from the peaceful look and feel of the podium - as it is - to residents and visitors.    
I run parts of this route anyway, a separate track would make it safer  A separate track is safer    
Route in the Barbican needs amending so as not to run where the track is directly above residents flats.      
It is counterproductive to delineate a dedicated track when there are so many opportunities that the imposition of a route will remove. Exploration is key. Concentration on one track will lead to a less pleasant experience for runners and other users.  A route needs to be without any stairs anywhere. It is dangerous to propose a route that involves running on stairs. The Barbican podium is not appropriate as a running track.    
Absolutely not, and most certainly not if the Barbican estate’s land will be included in any way  Absolutely not. As a Barbican resident, I love that the highwalks and podium is a rare open space within the busy City that is free from from heavy foot traffic, especially runners. There is plenty of space in the City to accommodate those who wish to run, there is no need to given them special space to do so in and around the Barbican estate.  No - given I live in the middle of the City, I have no desire to exercise outside and in the polluted City air.  
I am opposed to installing a synthetic surface on the Barbican Podium. I am a runner: I run almost daily from the Barbican. In non-COVID times it is impossible to run locally during the day becasue of the poor air quality and narrow pavements. There is absolutely no point in installing a running track until the air quality has been improved to COVID levels, and the pavements have been widened.  The problem is AIR QUALITY. The route, including Aldersgate St is very highly polluted. I know, I live here, and run here. also the proposed use of the stairs at Barbican Tube is a very poor idea: these stairs are filthy and crowded especially at lunch time and late afternoon.    
As a walker I would welcome a clearly defined path for runners so that I am not continually either dodging them or being in danger of being run down by them when I walk.    I am a walker and so travel out of the centre of London using public transport to begin my walk  
I am in favour of any properly thought out track that provides runners with a suitable route that does not impose unnecessarily on space for pedestrians or residential amenity.  The Barbican is a residential area and the highwalk area is already well used by pedestrians, both residents and visitors to the estate. Additionally during lockdown it has become something of a destination for cyclists who ignore the byelaws banning cycling. This part of the route is inappropriate and shows lack of consideration for residents.    
 I think it’s an awful idea to have the route go through the Barbican - the surfaces are not right for running especially when wet, many of the passages are too narrow for both runners and pedestrians, it will disturb residents, and any signage will spoil the listed architecture  NA  
I simply do not understand this concept. I think runners are more than capable of devising their own routes in line with person preferences such as difficulty, safety and surroundings. An online repository of suggested routes is fine. But creating a track is ridiculous. And a complete misuse of funds, particularly against the current backdrop. With everything that’s going on in the world, this seems incredibly indulgent.  Absolutely not. Leave the Barbican out of it. This is a residential area and sound can often be an issue, particularly for apartments immediately beneath and above the podium. This will interfere significantly with residents’ right to enjoy their abodes in peace. A constant stream of runners will generate significant noise and prove insufferable.    
I have no particular objection to the proposed use of the roadways, but object to the inclusion of the Barbican Estate podiums for the reason given below.  The Barbican Estate podiums are valued for facilitating comparative peace and quiet, the designers having deliberately subordinated the roadways to the level at which they give little interruption to the estate amenities. Runners, often grouped in twos, and often shouting at each other in conversation, would inevitably compromise residents' enjoyment of that tranquility, and should not be encouraged for the same reason that cyclists and skateboarders are not permitted to use the podiums.    
No, there are plenty of places to run. If you want a track you can go to a running tack.  A track that runs directly over flats ie my ceiling, would be a serious disturbance and is a really bad idea. It would be OK if the whole route was over dead space but not when it goes directly over residential accommodation. I don't believe sound proofing would eliminate the disturbance especially if there is a big increase in the number of runners. What on earth are you thinking of ?!    
The Barbican section of the track is completely unnecessary. I'm a regular (every other day) jogger. There's no need to disfigure a Grade II* listed building to create a running track on the Barbican Podium, because you can run on the Barbican Podium right now. Never on any of my many runs around the Barbican have I thought, this would be better if I had a purpose built track.  As above — the Barbican section seems misconceived.    
Urban runners should be allocated car space not pedestrian space, which is already too restricted (quite apart from social distancing re Covid19)  The route throught the Barbican includes the pedestrian realm. The rubber track is an inappropriate addition to a Grade II* listed landscape    
It's a lunatic idea to use up valuable pavement space for a minority. Putting it through the Barbican, a residential estate valued for its tranquility is idiotic.  A running track through a Grade 2 listed residential estate, on top of people's homes? Only the CoLC could come up with something like this. I suggest you all email the councillor to ask if he wants runners outside his front door or above his living room ceiling.    
This looks like the track will take away space from pedestrians and from the looks of the mock ups there would not be enough space for a wheelchair or mobility scooter without it going on the running path. I suspect runners would not like this and would shout to get off their path just like cyclist do with cycle lanes and mobility scooters. In addition the section through the Barbican which is grade II listed is not in keeping with the character.      
 I do not think it should go through a residential area which the Barbican is    
A very poor use of funds in the current environment. This is far more likely to inconvenience pedestrians around the City and, in the Barbican especially, families with children.  It's a waste of money and an inconvenience anywhere but it's particularly offensive to suggest that it be routed through a residential area. The period of quarantine has already highlighted the inconvenience and noise created by exercising within the Estate.  I walk from the Barbican to take my children to school at St. Paul's Cathedral School. The proposed route is especially narrow for about 400m (from Lauderdale to The Museum of London), which is also part of my route to take the kids to school. I can just imagine the awfulness of runners insisting on right of way as I try to manage two small children going to/coming from school. It will be a nightmare. Please don't.  
As a resident of the Barbican and a regular runner I am strongly against devoting such a significant amount of space to a dedicated running track      
The Barbican Highwalk has been a peaceful gentle place for over 50 years, not somewhere for people to be doing sport and expecting everyone to get out of the way as seems to happen in the City with both runners and cyclists, the latter even when they are on the pavement.  It should not involve the peaceful residential area of the Barbican.  I live here and don't want to be confronted with a bunch of people who don't live here who are taking advantage of free facilities and probably paying scant regard to local residents. There is plenty of evidence already on local chat groups how runners are already being discourteous and expecting others to get out of their way in public places. They have obviously never been taught the maxim of Sail before Steam.  
I think that it will make life more difficult for residents (especially older residents, who deliberately use the high walk because it is safer and less fast paced than the pavements beneath). Why not just put the track through the new greener version of Beech Street tunnel?  The track would be less intrusive to Barbican residents if it avoids the very busiest parts of the high walk (which get more crowded in the mornings and after work) i.e. avoid the stretch that runs parallel to Aldesgate (from Lauderdale Tower to the Museum of London).  No. This track will make movement more difficult for me (with young children) and many of my neighbours (elderly people). The proposed route is narrow in places and chicanes, with sharp turns - so having runners taking up a significant part of the Highwalk will make it dangerous for slower residents.  
Agree in principle but pedestrians must be first priority.  Disagree with choice of Barbican highwalks for (a) danger of runners squeezing out pedestrians on narrow sections e.g. highwalk north of Museum of London, the Postern, the bend around Frobisher Court (b) disturbance to residents in below podium flats and first floors (c) effect on aesthetics of the podium  Safeguards for pedestrians insufficient on Barbican podium. The observation that runners 'usually' give way is subjective and not good enough. Especially as sections of the route are too narrow to accommodate both.  
Would be in favour if route kept at ground level  Not in favour of the proposed route around the Barbican podium. The track should be kept at street level and not go through a listed residential estate.    
I live in the Barbican and think this track would be hazardous for our more elderly residents- runners are not easy to avoid at the best of times.      
In limited places  many of the streets are narrow - it would leave virtually no room for pedestrians. Not appropriate on Barbican highwalks - some parts too narrow. Some parts run over flats; risk to older and younger residents and crowds from arts centre  Not a relevant question for me  
I would welcome a defined path for runners. I’m often intimidated as a pedestrian by runners using pavements two abreast at speed.  I object to the route going through the Barbican podium. This Is a quiet enclave, with many elderly people, and I am anxious about inviting in runners who will inevitably run their own preferred version of the Route and it will be noisy. Runners often use ear buds to play music and are oblivious to the people who they are passing at speed.    
Ruuners have already ruined walking during CORVid by showing no respect for walkers. Ther is no evidenc they would stick to the track or show consideration for other users  It should avoid the residential area of the Barbican  I don't understand the question  
No need for a specific differentiation in the pavement      
 I get a 404 error, page can't be found    
Since you say that pedestrians may also use the proposed track, it cannot be a dedicated running track, which I think will cause difficulties. Runners seem to manage to run round the City quite adequately without a separate track. The City becomes a giant sports arena far too often as it is.  The Barbican estate should be excluded. This is our home and is invaded often enough by sports events. There is no indication of understanding that the podium route would take runners over the top of residents’ sitting rooms. Have you ever been in a Wallside sitting room when roller skates, a skateboard or a wheeled suitcase pass overhead? And no, I don’t live in Wallside.    
I think it'll be a great idea for ppl who work in the city to exercise during the day      
In some areas it would be useful to avoid conflict with pedestrians  It is the Barbican part that I disagree with. There are already quite a few joggers on the podium and they are easily accomodated on the walkways. Introducing a track would encourage more joggers and would disturb the tranquility of the place, especially where the beautiful large flower beds are.    
sounds safer than running on roads and pavements  or even longer please  though I tend to cycle more than run, i'll be more encouraged to run if this is implemented. great idea!  
The Barbican track would have a negative impact on the Podium. The Barbican is a listed area and should not be altered.    The Barbican Podium is a special area with beautiful flower beds. It is used by lots of people in different ways - many people already run around it but are well separated from those who want to walk and take photographs. Recently there has been a significant increase in the number of cyclists even though this is not allowed. I fear a running track would encourage them.  
Encouraging outdoor fitness is extremely important and this project, and others like it, do just that      
If the route could be extended to 5k that would be much better for many runners. Regarding the Barbican part in particular, the area outside the tube station is very congested (bus-stops in particular) so should be re-thought. Also parts of the podium route have tight corners and low headroom (near Ironmongers' Hall) so I'd suggest care be taken to ensure these parts are safe.      
I'm not sure  I'm note sure    
Definitely not in favour. For over 50 years people have been happily running in the existing streets around the City and this proposed track will only disrupt unnecesarily the normal pedestrian flow which is already predicted to increase substantially and cause further inconvenience and problems particularly for the less able.  Most definitely not in favour, particularly opposed to the route passing through the Barbican which has a Grade 11* listing and, as such, the paving is very carefully maintained by the City of London. It also passes alongside and above many residents bedrooms - including my own in The Postern where footfall is already clearly heard even on the opposite side of the building. Neither, for the most part, would it allow room for either runners or pedestrians to pass one another in a safe manner.  People who run in and around the City of London, tend to start and finish from their home or workplace where they are able to change/refresh themselves - don't try to imply this would reduce travel usage and thereby congestion.  
 A 5km loop would be useful as this is a standard distance for most people. Could be done by providing a start/finish (4.2km) and a 5km finish marker?    
Tracks will become too crowded.  Shouldn't involved the barbican podium. This is a crowded area already. Beech Street tunnel would be better particularly as there are no polluting vehicles.    
 I understand that Speed Highwalk in the Barbican may be part of the track. This runs directly under my bedroom. I have no problem with this in principle but if it is used by skateboarders or bicyclists this will be a nuisance to me and perhaps a danger to others.    
Na  Na  Na  
I think putting a track through the Barbican is a mistake and will spoil the architecture of the Podium - people already run and a track is not necessary  In the square mile - possibly - but seems like an unnecessary expense - absolutely not through the Barbican    
Absolutely brilliant idea  A perfect length    
yes but definitely not through the Barbican  I am a resident of the Barbican and I completely reject the idea of a dedicated running track through the grounds of the Barbican. Residents are already able to run if they wish. A track would interfere with walkers. There are already many restrictions on Barbican land (no bicycles for instance). It is unacceptible to have a running track.    
I think it will concentrate runners who are currently spread throughout the City into the limited area of the track to everyone's disadvantage      
I live in the Barbican and already run on the Podium and elsewhere in the City. Currently we have lots of runners and with everyone finding their own routes they are reasonably well dispersed. Building a purpose built track will concentrate runners in a limited space leading to problems.  I am particularly opposed to routing a running track through the Barbican Podium. Currently runners on the Podium can happily coexist with residents. If there is a dedicated track routing runners here it will bring too many runners and prove disruptive to residents.    
I feel runners will not use it, People will use the streets they use now.  I am a keen runner and I know that no serious runners will break their pace and cadence to use stairs to go onto the Barbican Podium, they will simply stick to the streets, and the Beech Street tunnel will now be the cleanest roads in the City, The Podium will not be used by many runners, but will be a disadvantage as regards Barbican Residents (of which I am one).    
I have no problem with the track as long as it does not include the Barbican highwalks  If it includes the Barbican highwalks    
I like the idea and would probably use it fairly often. However there are some issues. 1) this shouldn't be at the expense of walking routes, given that there are more walkers than runners 2) walkers would end up using them anyway, either from not realising it was for runners (the icon isn't that clear) or because they would be forced to (as some sections of the proposed route are narrow) and 3) I don't want an outcome where runners expect priority or shout at walkers for getting in their way.  Although it is a busy walking route and walkers should have priority  NA  
 Some parts are either by very busy roads, or along narrow pavements where there isn't enough room for different tracks for pedestrians, wheelchair users, parents with prams, people with shopping trolleys etc, to move safely alongside runners and traffic.  I live at Barbican, so the track would pass very close by my home.  
I think it's a great idea. Although it will probably still be used as the pavement by a lot of people but it will still be an improvement on today. Having this soft surface will encourage people to run the route and be a well known challenge on running apps like Strava.  It looks to take in a lot of great parts of London. I'm not sure whether the bit through Smithfields market might be slightly congested but looks great overall.  I usually start from Moorgate so probably still would and do a loop from there  
A running track would be useful for joggers, and benefit the community if it stops them using other footways for running. During lockdown it has been very difficult to avoid joggers some of whom have little regard for fellow pavement users.  Not insofar as it goes through the Barbican Estate. This is a listed residential estate. The track would not meet the listing guidelines. Residents would find an influx of runners a nuisance. It might also attract more cyclists who would find the track an easy to find and convenient short cut through the Estate and are already a problem for residents.    
Pavements are for pedestrians some of whom are elderly or walking with difficulty and they should not be put in danger of collision with a runner which could result in injury to both. Not all runners will be considerate to others using the shared space.  Route includes flights of stairs and narrow pavements which are not suitable for runners, the elderly and infirm + pushchairs and buggies all at the same time. The installation of a track on the Barbican Highwalk would seem to contravene it's listed and conservation area status. What surface is intended to be used, some are proving to be dangerous to health.  This is not applicable to me, see earlier answer. Why do I have to answer it?  
If I thought that runners would keep exclusively to a track, I might be more in favour, but I don't believe this will happen and there will be even less space for pedestrians than at present.  Various parts of the route are too narrow to allow pedestrians and runners to coexist, such as the Thames Path and Barbican. See email to John Edwards for more detailed explanation on Barbican section  If anything, it will increase it, as I will have to cross the track and try to avoid it as I walk between home and work.  
This track proposes to spend one quarter of its length on the Barbican Highwalks, all of which are Grade II listed. Worse, it proposes to set a path right outside the front gates of Brandon Mews and then pas in front of two restaurants (Pizza Express and Jamies wine bar on narrow parts of the podium. It is a violation of the listing and it will undermine both the peace of residents -- especially of Brandon Mews -- and compromise security, already unde-resourced by the Corporation.  I am opposed to the stretch on the Barbican Podium. These rest is on streets and the Beach St tunnel is getting new anti-pollution protection to make it more pedestrian friendly; why not keep it at street level? Also the route will be magnet to Skate boarders who, while banned from the podium are enough of a pest already. This box and that above do not have enough room for all of my comments. I'd also like to mention litter and increased maintenance costs which will fall on residents  Anybody living in the Barbican will need much more time to avoid the traffic of runners. Already during Covid-19 Lockdown, the most anti-social people exercising on the Podium are male runners. This will make it worse.  
I think it is a great idea. Let's get more people running!  Well located for encouraging office workers to use during breaks or for commuting.  My intention isn't to reduce my running! It might make my journey more efficient or easier to navigate.  
It is not clear that there is a compelling need that justifies use of public funds. Is there a real problem that this is trying to solve?  It is inappropriate to run this through the residential Barbican Estate and it should use ground level routes. The Barbican high walk is not only Grade 2* listed but also a safe space for residents (many of whom are elderly and unsteady on their feet) to walk and not have to look out for runners coming at them.    
The proposal is unclear. is it just a running track? if it's for walkers why is a track necessary. Is this a single file one way track? The podium section has too many pinch points e.g. staircases and other narrow sections. Doubt it is in line with protected status of the Barbican. City should be firmer about making gyms etc inside buildings a required feature.  A route along the Beech St tunnel, Silk street and the newly green Moor Lane would make for less clashes with other users i.e. normal sometimes elderly walkers who STROLL on the podium for exercise particularly since COVID  My exercise destination is walking around the podium and beyond. How would influx of runners with ear phones trying to work off their frustrations running around the City help? All for exercise but not this  
Yes, definitely great to have a free to use resource for keeping active.      
 The route from the Barbican highwalk should return to street level at Moor Lane and continue along Fore Street and Wood Lane to reach London Wall. The highwalk under Andrewes House and the Postern has insufficient space and restricted sightlines to make it safe for all users.    
 Only concern is tourists    
A defined route with proper running surface if not abused would encourage exercise outdoors. I occasionally work in teh City and would consider using it then, currently I have no options as I do not know where I can run and my way around well enough.    I woudl run if in the City on business  
 Great route as it comes within a few minutes of my home near Blackfriars  Not applicable  
 I’m concerned about the Barbican podium as it is already very noisy for residents. The design of the Barbican and the fact that people live below the podium including me means footsteps echo through the whole structure.    
I believe anything sensible that can be put in place to facilitate exercise in the city is a positive.  Largely, I don't think there's any 'ideal' routes around there and traffic / pollution will be high, it would be even better if this could be planned alongside traffic / pollution reduction initiatives in the area. I would like to also please raise the issue of lighting and security on all stretches. I have a close friend who used the Regent's Canal to exercise previously, which is pitch black in places, and she was sexually assaulted nearly 2 years ago and will now no longer run along the canal  NA - carried on from last box. If this area is not well lit and secure in ALL sections, it could become an area where runners, female or male, are targeted, in particular on dark winter nights as it could be seen as a 'good' place to run. I think it's imperative that any developments take this into consideration and I wish the canal would see investment all along like it has in the short KX stretch, as there are few places in winter that are safe to run in London that aren't on busy streets.  
The streets are both too crowded and too narrow to accommodate a running track  The proposed route uses the Barbican Highwalks which not only have Grade II* listing but are also part of a designated Conservation Area. Reducing already narrow walkways to lay down a synthetic rubber track would respect neither the significance of these listings nor the importance to preserve such iconic architecture. It would also significantly impact residential amenity in the most densely populated area of the City, producing increased footfall and noise and reducing security and privacy.    
Would need to be made clear that runners only use the track so that pedestrians and residents are not over run  need to ensure that access to and from Barbican flats is not obstructed by runners. There are a number elderly and vulnerable residents and their safety and comfort must NOT be compromised.    
This will cause unnecessary noise and disruption to Barbican residents already suffering skateboarding and cycling on the walkways.  Not in the slightest, there are already more than sufficient organised runs in the City.  I do not travel to exercise, there is no need, unless you are a MAMIL.  
   Not Certain  
Not in its present form. As an occupier from time to time of a Barbican flat immediately below the Podium I know that the sound of people walking above it is transmitted into those flats. It will be argued that jogging will only take place during the daytime. There are many older people in the Barbican at home during the day and they will potentially be greatly troubled by this noise. The wearing of soft running shoes will not be sufficient to eliminate the sound.  I have no objection to the concept of a running track in the City I feel strongly that it should avoid the Barbican estate for the reasons shown above.    
There is a serious risk of noise nuisance affecting residents of the Barbican estate, particularly those who occupy flats immediately below Podium level, caused by the transmission of sound from running shoes through the building structure. I can say this from personal experience. Additionally, the increased flow of people through the estate would impair its tranquil character and pose a risk of collisions and accidents. The estate is statutorily Listed and is a Conservation Area.  The route should in my view bypass the Barbican estate for the reasons given above.    
Barbican track would be a nightmare to all people living below the podium  As said, not acceptable for Barbican residents    
As long as it doesn't interfere with pedestrians and residents too much.  The route through the Barbican estate will have a negative effect on residents, many of them elderly. Also, the visual aspect of the running track is at odds with the Barbican Estate. I'm a runner and I don't think a route through the Barbican is a good idea.    
joggers/runners have proved a dismal example during social distancing, in so many cases simply refusing to allow anything like 2 metre distancing, puffing, blowing, sweating and spitting in many cases and with absolutely no concern for those of us who 'walk the bounds' of the Barbican for exercise or just to get from A to B  wonderful idea but it has no place on the Barbican podium    
Seems to encourage excisive use of the peaceful envy of the Barbican. Totally negative idea for the thousands who walk and lunch here and residents like myself who value the wide use.  Exclude the Barbican    
 The proposed inclusion of the Barbican is unworkable and would be rejected by the great majority of Barbican residents, even those who are keen runners.    
as a barbican resident I dont mind if there is a track but not along the podium. As an older person I feel safe at the moment but I worry that if we encourage more people onto the Podium and close to our living space it will become less safe. Do have a running track but not on the Podium please.  see above    
Ridiculous and thoughtless imposition to Barbican residents peace and quality of life  Send it through the tunnel and down Moor Lane, not a where on the podium. The podium is not designed as a running track. People LIVE in Willoughby House  This is a very bad, selfish idea  
   I'm not sure the route can deal with the possible numbers that might use it. As the founder of a big Running Community (Advent Running) the residents of Barbican are understandably not so keen on lots of runners using their premises. The concept is but the route needs careful consideration. Im involved in numerous community groups in London so please message me if you want some thoughts from someone who leads running groups 7 days a week.  
I fail to see the need. Joggers find their own routes around the city and modern running shoes are well padded anyway, so a special track isn't necessary      
 Avoid stairs and going up to the Barbican    
 Avoid Barbican and stay at street level    
I object to the incursion of The Barbican highwalk in the route since there many narrow parts which would make it hard to achieve a 2m separation.  The Barbican is a grade II listed building within a Conservation Area. A running track though the highwalk would incur significant noise to the residents, as there are flats directly under and above the Barbican high walk.  The track including the Barbican highwalk will make movement more difficult for those with young children and the elderly which are sizeable part of the residents of the Barbican. The proposed route thought the highwalk is very narrow in places.  
Object to the section of proposed track through the Barbican podium but in favour of the rest of the route.  As a Barbican resident and one who lives in a building directly above the proposed route through the Barbican, I and many others already have to put up with a lot of unwelcome noise from the activities of non-residents. People seem oblivious to the fact that noise is amplified by the podium's hard surfaces and can be heard from within our flats. People repeatedly flout the bye-laws and treat the podium as a practice area for skateboarding and parkouring which is proving a serious problem.    
   I don't travel to reach my exercise destination  
 Although, it would be great to extend to 5K    
The idea in principle is fine but I think won't work in the Barbican. Even if LBC were granted (which is far from a foregone conclusion) I believe that a dedicated running space will conflict with the pedestrian experience, especially along relatively narrow sections, eg under Seddon House and the curved section after that running up to the bridge over Aldersgate St. The bridge itself is another example. This is not an exhaustive list of issues.  See comments relating to the proposed Barbican element.  Not Applicable. I do not travel to exercise.  
I object to the assumption that running is the only form of exercise undertaken by City residents / workers. This scheme discourages walkers and strolling pedestrians - including the elderly - by defining the route as 'not for us'. I also object to the visual intrusion into the Barbican's podium, and the potential noise / congestion disturbance for residents.  Routing the track through a residential area seems peverse, given that the many potential alternative routes which might thread through the City's more commercial areas.    
My feeling is to hold on this and do more research on public behaviour. What we are seeing right now in the lockdown is that the Barbican has become, understandably, something close to an outdoor gym and its great in a way, and in other ways it really is not. It has made me understand that a space of peaceful walking and quiet is valuable, and that running suggests and encourages the other not so good things going on now -- balls, skateboarding, cycling, in line skating etc. none of which are      
There are many areas on the map which are not very wide and it would be difficult to accommodate both pedestrians and joggers who at the best of times tend to ignore pedestrians  the number of people who would want to use a running track in the City would make it unmanageable.    
It is a brilliant idea. It is hard running on crowded roads and even as Lockdown eases there is significant traffic coming through the City and it would be great to have a dedicated place to run outdoors in the City      
Anything to encourage people to move is a great thing however, this should be rerouted so that it doesn’t run across our bedrooms within the Barbican.  Two of the bedrooms of our home are directly under the track within the Barbican. This should be moved so that it does not directly impact the sleep of residents.    
 The route across the Barbican Estate is inappropriate. There are already too many inconsiderate runners on the Podium and this will attract more. Further this is a Grade 2 listed area. Management guidelines prohibit signage on the tiles surfaces even to warn of the no cycling restriction. Creating a special surface for runners will not be possible. The street level around the Estate is not busy; it is unnecessary to direct runners across the estate.    
I am wondering how we can get one down by Bermondsey.  I am wondering how we can get one down by Bermondsey.    
No. People have got their own imagination. They can plan their own route  Absolutely NOT! Do not do this to us. I live at The Postern. Noise from users of the Podium can already be intolerable sometimes. Don't take it worse. I'm guessing you don't live here, or there's no way you would propose this route!    
 The proposed inclusion of the Barbican Estate is ill-considered and would be damaging in several regards.    
I am strongly opposed to allowing shoving, spitting runners to take over  I am strongly opposed to allowing Barbican Estate to be used    
Perfect for keeping fit.  However, would love for the route to extend further towards Tower Bridge    
   I do a circular Tower to Blackfriars bridge walk and would like to branch off to proposed SMT. I spoke to you at the foot of Blackfriars bridge yesterday pm  
Would greatly improve quality of runs, and flow of pedestrians on the bank      
   Not applicable  
 It would be great if it could be lengthened to 5k. I do think the steps up and down from the podium will be pinch points but overall I’m very supportive    
I would have concerns that residents should have some priority over use and that congestion be monitored.  With the proviso that congestion at the Barbican is monitored  I would not be in favour of the track being promoted as a commuter route  
So long as it doesn't create an "as of right" to the joggers - we have had joggers for years who have mainly respected other users - tolerance must be important  Subject to my point concerning "as of right"    
The Barbican is primarily residential. The introduction of a running track on narrow walkways and stairs is prioritising the needs of visitors over residents many of whom enjoy walking the highwalks. Runners like cyclists claim a right of way usually expecting walkers to give way and make room. Witness the mayhem of walking on the South Bank where runners collide with pedestrians. If you wish to set up a sports facility then do so. Pavements and highwalks are not designed for exercise.  See above.  You should not be encouraging people to travel to go running - they can do so easily form home. That is part of its attraction and rationale.  
It would be an eyesore and cause nuisance to the residents of the Barbican  Any route over the highwalk is inappropriate because it runs over residential flats    
Wherever it is will remove part of the walkway for walkers who want a peaceful stroll.  Encourages more users onto Highwalk near our Barbican flats, which i prefer to keep quiet.    
I do and still would use parts of the proposed route, but feel it's unnecessary to install a dedicated track. I think it would increase the contention between walkers and runners and offers little benefit to runners - who can already run on the proposed route. If there are funds available to promote exercise, I would be in favour of them being used to provide "outdoor gym" facilities - e.g. parallel bars, rings, incline sit-up facilities etc. There are currently none in the City.  In that I'm not in favour of the track.  I don't travel to reach my exercise destination.  
It's a good idea to provide a dedicated space for runner, but should NOT go through the Barbican.  I am very much opposed to this going through the Barbican estate. This is a pedestrianised residential space and it would entirely inappropriate for space to be given over to runners in this way. It is very unfair on residents, many of whom are elderly, who will have less space to walk. The Barbican was not designed for its walkways to be segregated in this way, just as it would be inappropriate to put a cycle lane on the podium.    
I hope it will encourage more people to take up running.  Absolutely horrified that this includes the Barbican. This is a residential space and it is entirely unfair on residents to inflict this on them. It is not fair to expect them to have to watch out for runners or have where they are able to walk limited in this way. This is their home. Please reconsider the route.    
Taking up space needed for pedestrians, other better routes  Many areas taking up already narrow pedestrian space    
People should be free to run and exercise anywhere.  I object to track going on podium at Barbican, it should stay at street level through Beech Street tunnel now that it's pollution free.    
It is a good idea so long as it does not take space away from pedestrians.  The running track should not be in the Barbican. The Barbican Estate, including the podium, is grade II listed, and its views should not be spoiled with a running track.    
 Does not need to run through the inside of the Barbican - would make visitors and residents unwelcome and intrude unnecessarily in terms of peace, noise and privacy.    
The Barbican was not intended to be a Track. It already carries a busy load.  Since the course involved pounding endlessly on many resident’s ceilings, I see it as a disaster. The Barbican Estate has been many things but never intended as a running track. It is a Listed Site and rightly so. This proposal is another example of ill-thought out and reckless planning devoid of any sympathy with a world-class complex already with a full agenda.    
It would be such a great track!  Absolutely!  It would  
A dedicated run way will support runners and walkers  Definitely, flat, great views, central location  Not applicable  
 I am not in favour of a track through the residential area where I live as I believe it will increase the number of runners on the estate, potentially creating problems for residents.    
 I do not wish the Barbican podium level to be overtaken with runners who do not know how to socially distance themselves – a lot of the proposed route are narrow corridors which are used for walking along and would no longer be able to use because of the running track – I pay rates and a huge service charge to the Barbican and a lot of my exercise facility would be non-accessible    
they will not stick to the track and reduces pavement near the river.      
Modern, promotes exercise and a healthy lifestyle  Same As above    
People run around the podium already. A restrictive track is not necessary.      
Yes! I would certainly make use of a safe dedicated soft surface track in the City. To be able to safely run and reduce risk of injury is a fantastic initiative. It’s great to see a proposal to improve the City encouraging exercise.  Yes, it’s a great route with lots to see - this is clearly well thought out.    
I’m very much in favour, I‘m a runner and a specific track would be excellent. I hope it would encourage more people to keep fit and run.  The route looks great, there would be plenty for me to look at as I run.    
Running from home to work and back can be hazardous. But has it is faster than public transport commute, shower included, this would be great      
This is a wonderful idea - a space where people who live in the city can exercise in peace is highly needed      
There is no need for this route to go INSIDE the Barbican estate and disturb those walking for pleasure, to the centre or living in the blocks  There is no need for this to run INSIDE the Barbican. This was not what the Estate was designed for. Outside of this, I have little objection. Running across the podium and around past Lauderdale is ridiculous.    
   Not comfortable walking with runners going by nearby  
Great idea!!      
Walkers are being beset by aggressive runners      
 The stairs up to the pedestrian bridge and the bridge itself over Aldersgate Street and the bridge itself cannot be shared with a running track as there us not enough space. The Barbican Podium should not be used.    
It provides an ideal exercise solution in a relatively congested area.  It appears well thought out, taking into account traffic flow, ease of access and scenary.    
The pavements are already too congested.  In normal times The City is too congested.  This is not a good idea.  
Yes. I think it is good idea although I hope the surface is maintained properly      
 I am from the Barbican, it is a great idea.    
It seems to remove existing walking routes to be replaced with running only. This would force walkers who need to use the path onto busy roads. Running is a choice, walking is more likely to be for utility. I’m in favour of new multi use traffic free paths being built which would accommodate walking/running and cycling but do not like the idea of something being built purely for runners at the expense of people walking  It runs on the Thames path, removing or reducing the size of walking routes. There seems to be no thought given to wheelchair users or those who may need more pavement space in which to walk    
i am against the track leading through the Barbican residential estate. It brings stress when hundreds of sweaty city executive run through a tranquil estate each lunch time. I have seen it in Wapping where people run from Canary Wharf. It is not pleasant and not good for the area.  I am against the path leading through the Podium area inside the Barbican estate. Residents pay for the upkeep of this area and this should not be used for a runway.    
Great idea!  Great idea!  N/A  
No - waste of money, much better ways of spending resources. I am able to make my own mind up where I want to safely run.      
Good to have recommended routes which avoid most heavily walked pavements.  I am a Barbican resident and have no problem sharing the podium with runners, but I don't like the visual clutter of the surfacing. I suspect runners will ignore it as well.    
Yes. But pavements should be widened as part of the scheme      
I am not in favour of its use of the Barbican Podium as its surface and colouring would be a significant intrusion on the Grade II* Listed Landscape of the Barbican Estate. My opposition to the street level route is less strong but I am concerned that allocating pavement space exclusively to runners will reduce available pavement space for other users. There is already considerable conflict between cyclists and pedestrians and this further intrusion will only exacerbate the problem.  I object specifically to that part of the route which uses the Barbican podium  As far as local facilities for exercise are concerned I feel the City should invest more in its Golden Lane leisure centre which currently needs urgent upgrading and improvement. Similarly local residents, visitors and City workers would benefit more from proper maintenance of all Barbican high walks rather than an entirely new facility that can only benefit a relatively small minority.  
   No idea  
People would run at all hours of the day and night as there is nothing preventing them from entering. We also would get more drunks late at night. The local bars have not kept to their noise conditions and neither would the runners. It would also make the Barbican a less safe and less desirable place to live and would make it less pleasant for people arriving for plays and concerts.  The route would go right under my flat windows and the noise would go on at all hours. As it is there were people running exercise classes on the podium. A running track would have more of those with the accompanying shouts of "encouragement".  It would however make my flat less desirable.  
No there is no need for a track and who is going to pay for it and upkeep  No it will exacerbate river path and Barbican pinch points and lead to accidents, particularly at risk will be children and the elderly. It will also disturb Barbican residents    
 The Barbican is a residential estate Nd it is unacceptable for the track to go through it. Moreover it is not in keeping with the listed status of the Barbican. The extra noise will disturb residents with flats close to or beneath the track. It would be dangerous for pedestrians especially elderly residents and children. There are pinch points where the track is narrow and people will be very close and breathing on each other so they could transmit Covid19.    
No - pavements are for pedestrians, not recreational sport (or cycling). Running tracks belong in public parks, gyms and other areas set aside for recreation.  The Barbican Estate is a residential area, not a recreation ground. A running track would be out of character with the estate's listed architecture.    
The Barbican is a residential area      
 Track looks too narrow in mock up photos    
disturbance to residents. we pay for the upkeep of the podim area. the Barbican is listed.  runners bring disturbance to resident. the route should go through Beech Street Tunnel instead, which will be pedestrianised soon anyway.    
The track is preposterous. Clearly whomever has mapped this out hasn't even bothered to walk it, let alone run it. Runners, for a start, like straight lines i.e. this is why you see so many of them running from east to west along the South side of the river (some of the 'straightest', low-pollution options available in inner London. This makes sense. This 'track' does not. It interludes through some of the most high-pollution areas of London. It's an un-researched joke.  The track is preposterous. Clearly whomever has mapped this out hasn't even bothered to walk it, let alone run it. Runners, for a start, like straight lines i.e. this is why you see so many of them running from east to west along the South side of the river (some of the 'straightest', low-pollution options available in inner. This makes sense. This 'track' does not. It interludes through some of the most high-pollution areas of London. It's an un-researched joke.    
there must be more suitable places for a running track  I am 83 years old and the idea of runners through the Barbican scares me. Surely there are more suitable routes    
   Work in Waterloo this would provide a shortcut from my home near canal by old street  
Great idea, both to raise visibility and profile of running in city and to provide. A clear and we'll constructed route.  Making it a round 5km would make it significantly more attractive for both recreational runners and also potential events etc.  Worth saying that I run both from work in city and home and would run to use this facility.  
The art in the high walk goes through a densely populated area and alters the character of a listed complex  The part through the Barbican makes no sense    
 Somewhat, although I think it would also be useful to have a shorter 400m circular track for all types of runners. Inclusive of sprinters.  In many cases yes  
This is problematic. There are elements that are good (ie providing a space to run) but overall this is taking large amounts of pedestrian space away from other pedestrians. This reduces the space in several constricted locations and will make walking through and across the city a far less likely choice for non-runners. There’s no way I’d want the misery of a v narrow non runner strip along the Thames. The route feels like somebody who lives on the proposed route quite fancies a running track.  The Barbican stretch will impact the setting of the estate. The worst part of this Proposal is the Thames stretch however: there is little room for walking peds let alone now being forced into an even narrower strip. If a running track is needed, perhaps build one in a smaller circuit on wider streets that are being pedestrianised and where there’s less need to constrict other green means if transport.    
The idea is OK but not the bit near the Barbican - the way the track runs through the Barbican at podium level is horribly inappropriate and will not make anyone's running experience any better, just hinder other people trying to exercise through walking.  Since lockdown the amount of activity at podium level happening which is not allowed has rocketed (cycling, dog walking, mopeds, skateboarding etc), the number of joggers has been a nuisance when trying to socially distance (I've had to run away from oncoming joggers a number of times), there are many bottlenecks, the estate is home to many elderly and disabled people shielding, the track itself is ugly and would detract from the listed architecture.    
The route on the Barbican Podium includes some narrow sections, which could be threatening and dangerous for older residents. It also passes over about 50 sub-podium flats, which are likely to be disturbed even if a rubber surface is used.  It should not pass through a large residential estate.  Please do not disclose or pass on my email address to any other people or organisations. I could not find a privacy notice on your website, but I am assuming you will abide by GDPR and not store my email address for longer than required to process the survey results.  
But it should avoid It must avoid the podium level par It must avoid the Barbican particularly the podium level above Andrewes House  Must avoid podium level in Barbican particularly Andrewes House    
A single running track would become tedious rather quickly. Why not create a series of routes of different distances, that can be followed on a map? I am concerned about the look of the surface, and the tacky looking graphics. This will look out of place in places like the Barbican. How will the track be maintained? Very soon, it will look worn and rather dreadful. Do runners have priority or pedestrians? Can runners run elsewhere? It seems a pointless exercise, why not improve air quality for r  Particularly the Barbican area, could be noisy, and may impact on the fragile surfaces. Why not suggest various routes around the city in a map, rather than a fixed path?    
 The podium level of the Barbican does not seem suitable for a running track as: (a) increased numbers of runners would clash with pedestrians, as is seen now during lockdown, (b) there are too many points of congestion for runners to safely use the route e.g. by the 'yellow shed' entrance to the Exhibition halls (c) a new running track surface is likely to by unsightly for the residents here and may be in conflict with the listed status of the site  This is a badly designed question. As I do not travel to exercise, both the yes and no response do not apply.  
I am in favour but NOT over the podium! Its a residential area and the proposed route under Ben Jonson House is right next to the entrances and exits.  It should not go through the barbican. There are enough runners there already.  .  
There are plenty of routes and space for runners of different speeds and abilities in the City. At present, I can run where I like, pedestrians can walk where they like and small children can wander where they please on the high walks of the Barbican. These are not under used at all and no one wants to have it carved up for different uses.  The mixed use of a pavement or walkway means that runners must use basic courtesy and judgement to pass people, which we largely do. As soon as you give us our own track, we will expect it to be clear of young children and you set up a conflict between pedestrians and the more aggressive runners. I think it’s a terrible idea because anyone with a pair of trainers and a grasp of geography can run anywhere at the moment so I don’t see any point. The track would need to be maintained.  Also space on pavements is at a premium due to the needs of social distancing both now and in the future, so making parts off limits to all but a few able bodied adults is not helpful.  
Depends on route. Certainly not within Barbican. Totally inappropriate impingement  I live sub podium within Barbican Estate. Joggers already cause occasional noise nuisance. This scheme would exacerbate the nuisance level to unacceptable and unreasonable levels.    
I am not in favour of the running track. The City has some of the narrowest pavements of any international city. We do not need our pavements and walkways to be further narrowed by a running track. We already have to be careful not to step into cycle lanes, now pedestrians run the risk of crashing into runners.  I am completely opposed to the proposed route. It is frankly ridiculous to propose putting a running path through the residential Barbican Estate. The beauty of the Podium Highwalk is that it is not as busy as the street level. Putting a running track through it will completely ruin its main advantage. It will also disturb residents whose flats are right next to the route. Moreover, a running track will look completely out of place with the design of the Podium. The Estate is Grade II listed.  There's a character limit on the comments sections. I'll continue my previous comment here: The suggested route along the podium is already narrow. One part of the proposed track will run literally immediately outside an entrance to Lauderdale Tower. Who would put up with a running track immediately outside the entrance to their home? Thousands of pounds were spent replacing the Defoe area of the podium. The project took years and now those tiles will be torn up for this vanity project.  
As a Barbican resident and denizen of London I would like the square mile opened up to attract visitors - in respect of the podium level which is treacherous in some conditions I would like the concept perhaps broadened so that it can be more practical for not just joggers but also pedestrians (resident and visiting) a like.  I have ticked yes to avoid being negative but would like to see more detail on the pro and cons of this route (which I am sure have)  Not applicable in my circumstances  
As long as it’s still calm for people to walk in these areas I’m in support of the Barbican centre area being more open to the public. Residents treat the area as their own.  I run this route twice a week!    
The benefits of exercise cannot truly be measured. The impact this will have on mental and physical health for so many, whilst making exercise safer and easier for everyone will be amazing. Exercise shouldn't just be for those who can afford the ridiculous gym memberships fees and this gets people outside.  If the route is deemed suitable for the City, I'm happy with whatever that may be.  I travel in for work and exercise in the City anyway, so this will not impact this aspect for me.  
Unnecessary expense  Road crossings create additional risk when users think they have right of way    
There is limited walking space in the city as it is. I am not in favour in the Barbican estate at all, some of the route is Directly Above residents bedrooms, those that are on the lower level under the walkways. How will elderly and vunerable people be able to walk across the track to able to enter the thier own homes where the path crosses right across.  Perhaps on the city streets but Not on the Barbican estate under any circumstances  The track will increase my journey time  
It's a great idea  Yes but more than one route would be even better    
Part of the route would run directly under my home and the noise of runners and joggers would echo off the concrete.  The Barbican podium is not an underused pedway, there are thousands of residents who walk to their homes on it. I've already almost been knocked over several times coming out of Ben Jonson House on to the podium at the west end, where there is a blind corner. This is a very dangerous proposal.  I don't jog, i walk for exercise and i want to continue to do so safely.  
Runners will cause intrusive noise and crowding in a residential area  Streets are narrow and polluted. Track through Barbican Estate will cause intolerable detrimentbto residents    
Definitely. Promoting accessible healthy activities is so important and the route also will provide an excellent insight to some lovely places even for those that live locally.  Great idea to bring together some interesting and pleasant locations.    
Yes, as a runner in the City it will be good to have a path for runners to keep to as it is often competing space for runners and pedestrians.      
I fail to see the point of an "official" running track.  I am a Barbican resident (Cromwell Tower) and use the podium daily, especially at the moment, as part of my walking exercise. I also use the Cromwell Tower exit on the podium level when coming in and out of the block. There are already far too many joggers for the podium to be a pleasant place to walk and linger and it strikes me as madness to make this once calm shared space part of an official running circuit. There is no need for this track to come through the Barbican Estate at all.    
Think it is great to encourage running.  Route is largely through the city and may not be the most attractive and crosses roads. I would love to see it more along the Thames, such as a loop over South Bank, over Tower Bridge and Waterloo Bridge for example.    
Would help encourage people to run more, which is even more important in a post-Covid19 world.  Yes, given it is quieter for pedestrians. Although personal preference would be something going a bit further east given I work on Bishopsgate.  I travel Camberwell to Bishopsgate so would not be directly impacted as part of my commute.  
   I don't travel to exercise. Just start form home or work  
It's a great idea and encourages people to be healthy  Though if it could be extended to 5km even better  I will generally run or cycle to where I exercise, the square mile is within an easy walk for me  
Yes, my kids are at school at City of London School for Girls and City of London School for Boys. I imagine their PE curriculum could incorporate the SquareMile track.... Could be great!      
Generally, I would be in favour but the route as planned is completely inappropriate.  I live in Defoe House in a sub-podium flat. My flat is not affected directly by this propsal. However, I am objecting on behalf of those living in sub-podium flats taht are directly affected. We can clearly hear people walking above us and I can only sympathise with the sub-podium residents of the blocks that will be directly affected an on-going daily basis. Please remember that people do live below the walkways and we are subject to noise as a result!    
But NOT within the Barbican Estate area as Proposed  As above . The route should skirt and he Batbican    
This track will promote exercise, healthy lifestyles and normalise commuting via running. This is the most efficient and healthy way and as we need to avoid public’s transport at this time of crisis.  Extend down river to Big Ben on west/north side of the river (not south bank). The pavement is so wide it could easily fit.    
Yes, it’s time to claim back space from motorised vehicles and any opportunity should be seized.      
 Need to avoid running over people’s houses in the Barbican    
I am dead against it.  No. If this went ahead I would never set foot in the City again.  If anything it would make it longer  
No advantage to giving runners what they will perceive as exclusive rights of way. This is a particular issue post covid and will cause stress and tension (and maybe conflict) on pavement areas. Expensive Surface to install/maintain. Runners normally expect hard surfaces!  Shared space round residential areas such as Barbican podium (already pedestrianised and available to runners) should not be further compartmentalised as this will lead to enforcement issues in both directions (runners expecting nobody else to be on the track, and pedestrians - especially with children- resenting runners.    
It is inappropriate for the track to use the Barbican podium as this is primarily used by Barbican residents some of whom are elderly or have young children so a running track would be an annoyance.  see above    
 Although if it could be longer that would be great- its a fantastic idea    
The Barbican is a residential area and any change of use could be a hazard and a health and safety issue.  The Barbican is a residential area and this track represents a health and safety hazard for the residents.    
   No change.  
No. This is a ridiculous proposal  Definitely not. The Barbican is a Grade 2* listed estate. Putting down a running track would mean the destruction of the tiled podium walkway. It is specifically an area for walking not running. The noise disturbance for residents living below podium level would be appalling and the dangers for the elderly and disabled considerable. Put this appalling idea in the bin!    
Breaches Grade 2 Heritage listing. The Podiums were meant to be streets in the sky- not running circuits v  The route should not enter the Barbican Estate at all.    
It’s currently very hard to separate yourself from cars and people walking. This is a brilliant idea and great way to keep people fit and healthy      
 But make it longer! 5km atleast    
I live just south of the river, but cross the bridges to run in the city frequently  It is scenic and interesting. It would be good to reduce length of time at crossings.  N/A  
I've found running in the City fairly difficult in summer months due to the number of people out on the streets. I often see runners on cycle paths to avoid pedestrians so giving runners a priority of sorts would provide a safe and attractive space to run.  The route looks good - easily navigable and passes through key points within the landscape. Given the below comments taken from the website, increasing the route to 5k would be very important to me and more attractive to many runners. Could be achieved by increasing the route along the river by Temple or Wood Street. '... is comparable to many initiatives such as the increasingly popular Couch to 5k, and the Saturday morning Parkrun which is also 5km'.    
Joggers and fast walkers are always so focused on their own performance that they expect everybody else to get out of their way immediately. Joggers and fast walkers are so intent on their performance that they ignore and often bump into people in their way.  The riverside stretch from Blackfrairs bridge is too narrow to accommodate a track. T St The riverside path is too narrow to accomodate a track and a walkway for strollers and tourists who like to stop to admire the view or rest on the benches. St Paul's steps are where tourists like to stop for photographs and have fun. The gardens in the Barbican Estate are for people to rest, admire the flower beds, let small children run around safely, students and workers eat their lunch.  I am a 79 year old walker that enjoys walking by the river and the gardens over the Beech Street Tunnel .  
Having a safe and dedicated route to run or walk is imporant for fitness. We provide this for cyclists yet runners need to jump on and off pavements dodging people, bikes and traffic.    This isn't about reducing my journey time, but having a safe route to run is important.  
Running in a dedicated area leads to lack of special awareness and a meditative state which is dangerous to runner and pedestrians. Over lockdown I have witnessed many examples of ‘path rage’ and the proposals would lead to further congestion. Such installation would be out of keeping with the Grade 11 listing and original architects conception for such a historic landmark      
 I would prefer it to be along the river both north and south side as it is a full pretty much a full 10K if you go along the river from Tower - Lambeth Bridge and back.  But the section along by Blackfriars bridge would sure save my hips.  
I think an easy to follow running route will be great to encourage exercise and keep runners safe  I would recommend making it a 5K route, rather than stop short of that.    
There is plenty of space on the podium so room for everyone.  As I understand it all of the route should avoid being on top of people's flats. So long as this can be achieved and people not disturbed unecessarily then the idea is great. Including stairs is good for the runners and fears people have about the stairs getting too busy are farcical. All of the staircases on the proposed route are wide. I should think as soon as it is built Estate Agents will include it as a positive that the estate is on it. All the hotel guests in the city will love it too.    
The general public using the City's pavements and Barbican should not have to compete with anyone using those walkways for exercise or recreation. As a Barbican resident I have currently to compete and be aware of cyclists who routinely ride, sometimes at speed on walkways and now we are being asked if we'd mind people running at speed on those same walkways.  I am not. I am at risk of being knocked over by runners unable to stop in time if I decide, for example to stop or turn. Am I expected to signal my intention to avoid injury? Should I stop my grandchild using walkways? Runners who use the podium will, I fear, have little regard for the space so close to our front doors in terms of litter and noise.This is already the case with a few passersby but the envisaged increase in numbers will spoil The Barbican, my home for 47 years.  I exercise without travelling or inconveniencing others. The City streets and Barbican Podium are not spaces for exercise. They are for pedestrians to go from A to B. Provision for runners in the City should be made not at the expense of residents' reasonable expectation of not being harmed, inconvenienced or disturbed.  
 Absolutely unacceptable ill- conceived scheme that would create many negative unforeseen consequences. The Barbican Estate layout is not suitable for this initiative in any way. For example, who is going to marshal runners that decide to run off track once on the Podium. Noise nuisance would increase dramatically. Please remove the Barbican Estate from this plan entirely.  not applicable  
This track should not include the Barbican estate  This track should not include the Barbican estate    
 Couldn’t see route    
 I think it's a good idea but the route needs to be re-thought. It's already changed once since you published it, but there are sections which are far to narrow to allow people to run without risk of bumping into each other.  It will probably make it worse since I will have to look out to avoid runners  
It is a really good idea but I would like it to start from Aldgate or Tower.  It does not include Aldgate or Tower. These are residential areas with established properties and new residences. There also lots of offices, hotels and railway stations including Fenchurch St Aldgate and Tower Hill  Not in its current route. It needs to go from Aldgate or Tower  
Would mean less space for cars which is good for the environment and the safety of commuters  This would be wonderful  Not applicable since I don’t travel to reach exercise destination  
A running track on a pedestrian podium would be a disaster for residents.  Aggressive runners pushing through a residential area that is full of families and elderly people is not compatible    
Concerned by damage to Barbican Estate and by lack of maintenance in the long term which could make the whole thing an eyesore.      
It seems like a waste of public funds: all parts of this route are already available to walkers and runners to use as they see fit. And I'm afraid I think walkers would get short shrift from runners when attempting to use the trackway.  I'm indifferent to it: under lock down I have taken many different routes around the city for my daily exercise - all of which tend to avoid running up from Blackfriars toward Farringdon as it is always jammed with traffic, and no one wants exhaust fumes when exercising.    
This literally isn’t needed. All it will do is take up already limited space. I used to run 5km every day. If you want to run there’s already plenty of room for it. This is a waste of money and a waste of space and none of your artist impressions leave room for people running the other way or for other users of that space, and none of them show enough room for social distancing.  I am not in favour of any route. I will be raising this locally with intention to object to it.    
Great idea      
I think it would constitute a danger, especially to elderly people in the Barbican.      
I feel it is an impractical idea and would ruin the look of what I thought was a listed estate or have I misunderstood the regulations re listed buildings. Surely a much better place would be in Smithfield but even so I dispute the requirement for a designated track, runners often have their preferred routes and many use mapping to assess how far they have run. I can hear runners running in the early morning from my bedroom so feel great sympathy for anyone whose flat overlooks proposed route  Definitely not I think this is the wrong area for a running track the podium is currently enjoyed by pedestrians many of them with young children who could be endangered by runners or probably boy racers on their bikes (which already happens) using the proposed track. Is there any costing of the proposed track available, I would prefer to see any available money used to improve some of the poorer estates north of the Barbican  I believe this is a badly thought out proposal which I hope is soon assigned to the bin  
I am comfortable running on the pavement. I am tired of every section of London being divided up for different activities.  The Barbican is a listed building. Proposing a running track without any notification to the residents is incredibly short sighted. There are many residents who live beneath the podium that will be incredibly affected by this planned route. The reverberations of runners as they run over their roof. I would like to be updated on all meetings and schedules regarding this plan.  I cycle, on the street.  
So important especially with gyms closed with Covid 19. So important for young teenagers, to keep up with fitness. So important for mental health. My son currently runs with me in the City but it would be great as he is only 8 to have a material much better for his knees.  City of London has a lack of parks, it has changed the way for cyclists, it should now help runners out as well.  n/a  
The pavements aren't wide enough for two-way running and pedestrians.  This won't help commuting. Pavements are too narrow.    
The current route, even in its amended form, would ruin the peaceful character or the listed, residential Barbican estate and has no business being anywhere near it.  In spite of changes to the proposed route, it is completely inappropriate for the peaceful, residential urban oasis of the Barbican and should not go through it under any circumstances. The newly completed podium section at St Alphages is beautiful and meditative, and would be completely ruined by a stream of runners, not to mention the track ruining the harmonious design of the highwalk itself. All in all, astonishingly thoughtless to even suggest this route.    
You should have a Not Applicable answer option for those who will use it!  Great idea - especially as running becoming more popular during lockdown  Again this is N/A as I don't travel to reach my exercise destination - I run from the front door.  
The pavements in the City struggle to cope with pedestrians at peak travel times and lunchtimes so this will make life much more difficult on parts of the route. Some areas have very narrow access and using residential areas like the Barbican is wholly inappropriate: in my expereince some (certainly not all) runners can be quite aggressive to pedestrians, I found this over years of walking to work from the City. Also the Barbican has a lot of school children going to and from school at peak time  Not through residential areas like the Barbican - see access issues raised in previous question. Moreover, the route takes runners over some of the residential flats and past the windows of others, this is very intrusive. A running track in a City green area/park would make more sense or a walking track through non residential areas with pavements divided inot two for direction of travel..    
Obviously proposed by someone who doesn't live in the Barbican  There is an assumption that the podium is underused - this is incorrect. As a Ben Jonson resident I can say that the podium is very actively used, as is all the podium walkways. The cost of the proposed track is not included and neither are any maintenance costs. The examples from other vities don't seem to include examples of tracks going straight through listed residential estates. As a runner, I run varied routes - so this nonsensical propsal would be irrelevant. Vanity project.    
I am opposed to it going through the Barbican - we are already congested, and bringing more people on to the estate, who are not part of it, is going to increase this congestion even more. Particularly important with runners. During lockdown, we have had many more runners using the Barbican estate podium - causing a lot of the older residents here to feel unsafe. Many of these new runners are inconsiderate - and push past others, run in close proximity and basically 'take over' the routes.  Absolutely not of it running through the Barbican estate.    
 Can we not make it 5k?    
I love running but do feel that the current concrete is very hard on my knee even though Im still young and Im sure it will have negative impacts in the future as I run very frequently. A running track would be a great idea to build a proper structure for runners to enjoy their run without compromising their knees in the long term due to the high-impact of concrete. I have definitely had many friends who are all the same age as me (25) but already start suffering knee problems      
 The Barbican is a quiet residential area. It is clearly inappropriate to try to increase footfall through here. It is categorically NOT an ‘underused pedway.’ It is my home and has been since 1994. There are plenty of decent running routes around the city, which I regularly use and congestion is absolutely not a problem.    
 I would be even more in favour if the "yellow shed", Barbican exhibition halls eyesore adjacent to Ben Johnson would be demolished. It is a travesty that it is still standing, and this proposal would kill two birds with one stone.    
 My objection is only to the route invading the Barbican residential estate    
It is an expensive proposal that would benefit a small proportion of the population, if people wish to exercise, there are many gyms in the city with aerobic facilities  The proposals for the Barbican are badly thought through. The footbridges over Aldersgate and London Wall are quite narrow and accessed from the tube station or the pavement. The steps are already crowded during rush hours; neither they nor the footbridges need to be reduced in available area to give precedence to joggers. Similarly the new Highwalk behind Salters' Hall is too narrow to accommodate a running track and pedestrians; a problem also occurring with parts of the riverside route.  Pedestrian commuters using the Silk St steps will have to cross the running track; this problem will increase when the Highwalk with Moorgate reopens for Elizabeth Line travellers.  
I am strongly against the proposed section that uses the Barbican podium.  Strongly against the Barbican podium section of the route. The Barbican Estate is Grade II* listed. I am surprised the Corporation should even consider introducing a synthetic rubber track within what is largely a residential area. It would be immensely intrusive and disruptive to the residents who live above and below the proposed track. There is as it is an increasing number of joggers, and -despite regulations- skateboarders and cyclists. What's wrong with the born-again Beech Street?    
I am not in favour of a scheme that can only create conflict between runners and pedestrians, wheelchair users etc. At present the spaces highlighted here are shared with common sense and common courtesy being used. Once they are demarcated into Yours and Mine there can only be conflict. Runners already use all the routes indicated, including the Barbican highwalks, on a regular basis and, without being corralled into a set route, can disburse across the City and beyond.  The flaw at the core of this scheme is that the City's pavements are too narrow to accommodate runners heading in both directions as well as other pedestrians. This can only lead to unnecessary conflict. As for the Barbican being ‘under-utilised’, the City need a mix of quiet spaces and vibrant ones. Much better to abandon this scheme and integrate running with the City's planned pedestrianisation initiatives.    
The City and river already provide decent running opportunities, mainly at quieter times. I enjoy being creative and considerate when route-planning. The plans show a track that's too narrow for purpose anyway, and could encourage too many into what's a) a residential estate, and b) a hidden gem. As a local runner, I'd rather the funds went towards building a proper 400m running track (with additional ) practice lane, somewhere in the local area, similar to the free track at Paddington Rec.  Why be prescriptive? The route already exists, as do a multitude of other permutations. Better to increase pedestrianisation of the City in general, focusing on improved air quality, a reduction in noise pollution, more greenery, etc.    
Runners need extra space and are a nuisance to walkers. They also can be super spreaders of covid due to heavy breathing requiring 3-5 m of room due to increased aerosolisation of breath.  above    
It's good to encourage running/fitness  Helps with my commute greatly (and saves my knees!)  Travelling from outside the square mile  
I am coordinator for my company’s sports club and this would be very popular among employees.  I feel this should be city wide but appreciate the starting point  It will add value to my journey, not necessarily reduce  
The proposal is likely to cause significant confusion and difficulties for other pedestrians and road users attempting to use the same space / adjacent spaces.  See above    
Only partially opposed, please see below. Most of the other areas aren't residential, so could possibly work.  As a resident of The Barbican Estate, I strongly oppose the plan to route this along the walkways of the Highwalks. These were designed for residents, workers & visitors to safely get around the estate - it is also & importantly an area of peace within the bustling city - turning it into a partial sporting / recreational venue does not seem appropriate. I have nothing against runners (my wife runs daily), but as soon as you put in restrictions for pedestrians, I can only see conflict.    
People can always run anywhere they want.      
   I run from the train station I commute to. This will encourage me to start a station earlier  
Would be great for the knees! Make running more doable!  Yes! Would even recommend going all around the river in a nice circuit!    
Numerous people run daily  Great scenic and safe    
 Ideally runners prefer not to navigate stair cases but otherwise the route is okay.    
Why divide up already precious pedestrian space into walking and running areas? If you want to take space away from roads to make a running track, then maybe. But not pedestrian spaces.  Many of the pedestrian spaces you've indicated are too narrow. It would be too much of a squeeze to segregate things off.  Why do I have to answer this when I don't have to travel to reach my exercise destination?  
100%! Would definitely encourage more people to get up and running  Route link does not work, but I viewed from website/    
It would reduce disabled access.  Some of the proposed sections leave very little usable footpath space for other pedestrians. One has the entire footpath because road signs make the rest of the path unusable.    
It should not go through the Barbican's podium as it would make a mockery of social distancing.  There are many runners (mainly residents) who already use the Barbican podium. The surface needs much attention and a running track will damage the surface even more. There is no reason why the track shouldn't go through Beech Street and around Silk Street/Moor Lane/Fore Street and join up with London Wall - thus completely avoiding the Barbican podium. Once the Arts Centre, the CLSG, St Giles's Church and the two nurseries are back in business, there will be even more pedestrian traffic.  As a Barbican resident in my 80's, I take a daily walk around the Barbican estate and I cannot understand why the Corporation would consider encouraging more people onto the Barbican estate. How will I, in the vulnerable group, socially distance myself from these sweaty runners? If the Corporation has money to spare, I suggest they use it on repairing the surface of the podium instead of having hundreds of runners ruin it even more  
Inappropriate use of residential premises. Noise Inappropriate use of residential premises. Risk of walkers being run off the walkways.      
Not necessary  Runners f8n£ their own preferred routes an£ th3 concept of a laid track through the Barbican will bring problems for residents.  I have a preferred route and will continue use it.  
Sounds like a great idea! Especially given we really need to become less reliant on cars    I usually walk to work anyway!  
 I think it is of benefit at street level but don’t agree with use of the Barbican as a listed and residential estate.    
Yes, I run along the river and through the city a lot and a running track like this would be a great addition.  Yes, it is well planned and the stretches along the river and on the Barbican Highwalk will be particularly good.    
Why can’t runners have a mini track of their own?    n/a  
A brilliant idea to ease congestion amongst runners and pedestrians.  An excellent route.  We would be using the track for training, exercise and enjoyment.  
   I am opposed to any dedicated running track because it will reduce the space for pedestrians, this is particularly so for the very long section on the barbican podium  
   N/A - work outside of sq mile  
 I think one more based around the river with less pollution would be better    
Yes and I would use it for running one or twice during working week.  I notice on plans some stairs and whilst not an issue for me in the interests of inclusion would be great to see a flat disabled and age friendly route.  Would use for lunch time exercise whilst at work  
   Would normally travel to the riverside to run  
 Yes, but it would be nice to have options for different distances. 3k, 5k, 10k etc    
Can make use of lunch break, fresh air and public space without damaging your knees      
The proposed route runs on the podium of the Barbican  The Barbican Estate is listed. The design and demarcation of the running track cuts into the podium and must surely be a breach of the listing regulations. The podium and its brick tiles are a feature of the Barbican.    
The track appears to be mostly for the purpose of providing an exercise facility for City of London workers. But in that case it’s main use will be when pavements are already crowded with commuters (morning and evening) and with workers going out to get lunch or fresh air. Too many runners seem to think they have a right to precedence and that everyone else should get out of their way. A track will make this even worse. I fear for any pedestrian who walks on or across this proposed track.  For the reasons given in the previous answer it would be very important to distance this proposed track as far as possible from walking routes and areas. So areas such as the steps up to the Barbican podium and the podium itself are clearly not suitable areas in which to locate the proposed track. Runners hurtling through such areas will cause mayhem, aggravation and possibly physical injury.  No it will probably increase my journey as walking in the City will now involve detours to avoid the proposed track.  
Keeps runners safe from cyclists  It could be extended to make it a 10k track  N/A  
This seems unnecessary and a waste of valuable resources. People generally prefer to run along their own pre-determined route that meets their individual needs - this track would only serve a tiny minority of the City community but would occupy a disproportionate amount of public space. This need for public space which is accessible for all is particularly acute now, and introducing a 'running track' seems to be an exclusionary and wasteful endeavour.  Not in favour of any of it.    
A benefit to the health of the city  I run bits of this route already (even in lockdown as live locally) and is a good route. Farringdon road does get a lot of traffic but the wide pavement would make it a good location. As long as you don't impact the cycle route that I also use all the time!  I often run to get to somewhere I can run easily e.g. for intervals. This would be an easier option and closer to both work and home  
Strongly opposed. The City is not a suitable place for people running at speed, in particular through residential areas. Please do not turn this residential, peaceful (& listed!) area into a sports centre.  I am concerned about sections such as the Barbican Podium. Residents and visitors alike can sit, walk and gather (in normal times) in this peaceful environment, an asset of rare value in our busy city. Runners do already run here, without need of a track. A running track would damage the aesthetics and introduce increased numbers of people running at speed around a narrow and winding route lead to a dangerous situation for a residential area where children and old people live.    
It will have a greater negative effect on the general life of City residents of all ages, than it will benefit those who want to run in the city.  I think there is a strong chance that this track and route will cause more problems and upset than it will provide benefits for the few. Not everyone wants to run for exercise.    
It would make life more difficult for pedestrians  Route not available, but object to use of the Barbican podium  I get plenty of exercise walking to work and actually at work also. No need for exercise regime  
   I do not travel  
As a principle, no. Prefer pedestrians, runners, wheelchair users not to be confined to specific routes, but have the freedom to make their own choices - while each respecting, and sharing, the space of others  See multiple comments of Barbican residents    
Walking locally through lockdown runners seem t9 run right at me. Together with bicycling on the pavement it’s rather dangerous walking the streets and riverside especially when you don’t hear them. There are running tracks for this and people should use them. Pavements are for walking and should be safe.  If you must build it, do not destroy the peace on Barbican Podium. Use Beech Street and another route to Gresham Street. I don’t want to have to look out for runners when crossing the podium. I believe it will cause collisions with pedestrians and encourage skateboarders and bicyclists on the podium. People is flats above will hear all this. This space is for quiet enjoyment and walking, not running.    
The Barbican is grade 2 listed and the addition of a running track is against the protections of the listing. CoL is perpetually looking for ways to circumvent the listing and damage the Barbican, like Girls School proposal. Possibly acceptable if the route continues as planned with no change of surface. The listed status of the Barbican is there to protect this architectural and cultural gem for future generations. This is damage.  Route would be better is if stuck to the perimeter of the podium level instead of sending a stream of runners down the middle of Ben Jonson Place. That way pedestrians and residents would be much less affected by the runners. One privilege of living in the Barbican is how calm and peaceful the podium level is. If this is interrupted the nature of the space is altered and rates for residents should go down accordingly.    
 It is not acceptable to route it on to the Barbican Podium. To do so will increase the risk of injury. It was never designed for such a purpose. So too, will it increase the risk of conflict between runners and other users.    
Invasion of Resident's privacy  The track should not pass residential properties on the podium  The track will bring more people onto the podium from outside the Barbican  
As an avid runner who resides and works in Central London this is an initiative that I fully support. Not only for the health benefits associated with the reduction in stress on the body from running on pavement and uneven surfaces, but to have a dedicated walking/track will support a ‘greener’ and ‘healthier’ London, something I am particularly passionate of. This initiative will further promote & encourage alternative travel methods, reducing the reliance on bus and tube networks.  As an active runner I would utilise this track at least three times a week.  I generally run from Tower Bridge to my fitness centres which are all Central London based and would utilise this initiative frequently.  
I love running and love this city it’s beautiful to run around having a track would protect my knees and allow me to run longer      
   Not applicable  
The North Podium and surrounds already attracts joggers and so this would be a waste of money. Thames side route more suitable.  Approaches Barbican residential area.    
I live and work along the route on the Barbican Highwalk. It is an appalling idea. I  Pointless and will disrupt an entire community’s way of life. Nothing stops runners from running on the Podium if they want to do so as it is.    
What a brilliant idea, it's great to see people exercising more and more and this would be fantastic and hopefully extend to an even greater area.    It won't reduce the journey but it will make it much more pleasant and will encourage others to use.  
It would be good for my knees!      
Much safer underfoot and will provide a great social experience for people to use during lunch hour runs too      
Great idea, amazing!  Great idea, amazing!  Great idea, amazing  
It will be a great addition to the City of London    Yes, the SquareMileTrack will provide a safe route for me to reach my exercise destination.  
It would provide a great, safe alternative to running on the street.    Yes, it would be a more direct way into the city for me.  
Great idea to apply elsewhere around the city  Not entirely convinced by the route, but the principal is a good idea    
 I can't see the route map  Not sure  
I work sometimes in London and would use it when in town.      
My knees would be grateful      
 Can walk anywhere in the City already    
The Barbican estate is often busy with residents going about their business including residential runners and walkers. There is also many weekend residents that go for there gentle exercise. The Andrewes House podium is NOT the place for city runners on a scale you are proposing. Adding the track to the position will adversely affect the purpose and design of the Barbican podium.  Route it around the Barbican estate not through it. The roads are under utilised during the day with little traffic and ideal for a running track.    
Strongly against it within the Barbican estate, this is a residential area.  Strongly against it within the Barbican estate - this is a residential area.  Strongly against it within the Barbican estate - this is a residential area.  
 A running track through the Barbican would have a detrimental effect on the safety, security and well-being of the residents. It will create a litter problem.    
When we walk we use a variety of routes in all directions, exploring new environments. Some parts of this route are not appropriate for a running track.  While runners and joggers are common around the Barbican I would not want them encouraged onto one route. St Alphage garden is a quiet sanctuary from the busy City and the highwalk is narrow leading to the Barbican. Most runners will return to the Gym when they reopen so a permanent solution is not necessary. Cyclists are also using the Thames Path which is now very congested at weekends. Running next to polluted roads is not a healthy thing to do.    
 Opposed to the use of the listed Barbican Podium for this use.  Already excellent facilities in Nuffield Health Centre, and other places  
I think it is a fantastic idea and would make a big difference for me as I live on the edge of the City      
It would be an annoying and unnecessary nuisance to residents in the city  The Barbican estate does not need to have those who have no other business here There is no need to encourage all and sundry to run through the Barbican estate    
The Barbican isa residential area - our home - the last thing we want is to encourage dozens of keep fit enthusiasts. We get enough trouble mow from skateboarders, trick cyclists and jumpers.  As above - joggers would be at it all hours shattering our quiet enjoyment - we get skateboarders now at past midnight.  Not applicable: a crazy idea: we've got enough trouble now trying to preserve the Barbican as an unspoiled residential haven, We don't wants people charging about. Cyclists will think it's for them too.  
the city pavements are narrow, and are shared use. The pictures show half of narrow walk ways being given over to runners. The City has just agreed to widen the pavements. I am a runner, but runners can be dog in a manger and wouldn't appreciate walkers, idlers, sightseers, tourists on their tack, but those people would be disadvantaged by the new path. I think better to let people run around the City, picking their best routes for the time of day, and forcing runners to care for other users  Barbican is a residential estate, and footfall can make a lot of noise for flats under the podium (I used to live in one, so I know). Smithfield is still a working site  I suspect more runners on the pavements will impede my walk & cycle to work.  
The Barbican is listed. How can a running track comply with the regulations. It would be a travesty to replace the distinctive tiles that cover he entire podium and are an integral part of the original design by Chamberlin, Powell and Bon.  I live in Andrewes House at the Gilbert Bridge end. To say that the Barbican pedway is under-utilised is a travesty. The podium and bridge are positively crowded and a running track would be absurd. There is not sufficient width for runners and pedestrians alike. The pedway was designed for pedestrians as its name suggests. As an older person I fear being knocked over by runners as I exit my door especially as many runners wear headphones and are oblivious to their surroundings.    
This creates a safety risk for pedestrians of all ages on the Barbican podium where you can walk with freedom at the moment  The Barbican should be taken out as it is a safe place for all visitors and pedestrians ~ the new track would bring a group of fast moving and sometimes aggressive people who would demand right of way.    
 The Barbican Highwalk is not suitable for use as a running track. There are multiple reasons for this. One significant on is the noise generated by footfall on the podium level to residents with properties below podium level would be unacceptable (footfall and wheelie suitcases already very lo. It is incorrect to say that the highwalk is a currently underused thoroughfare. An increase in "traffic" generated by the runners would be to the material detriment of the user experience of the highwalk.    
As owner of a Barbican flat I do not see why I should, through service charges, contribute towards the upkeep of a public running track. If the proposal does go forward I will expect to see a drastic reduction in the percentage of service charge attributable to Podium maintenance.  As the owner of a Barbican flat I strongly resent anything that will interrupt my quiet and peaceful enjoyment of the Estate.    
An amazing idea and would enable me to run outside after work and during my lunch breaks. Currently it is too crowded to use the roads  Avoids Bank which is the busiest area  Currently I travel home from work to do my runs, sometimes ive found I’m too tired after the commute and end up not going. I could use this to run straight after work.  
Great idea  Easy to join the route at any point    
I think it’s a great idea to have a safe running route like this.    I would run outside more if it was available. I currently do a mixture of outdoor and Indoor exercise.  
It is better for knee, ankle....  I completely favour this the proposed route. Is there possibility to do more route connectioning with the proposed route?    
   No need to travel  
I think it's a very good idea! I've been working and live in the City of London over5 years. And I can see that many people run during the day no matter it's week days or weekends. However, some parts of the road are not easy for runners.  I would prefer somewhere quieter like near Bank stationed on weekends. But I understand that it maybe too busy during the week  Since the lockdown started, I started running fr my home along the river to the Black frairs. It's normally not busy so that I can keep social distancing with people. My gym is near moorgate which is shut at the moment  
Great route not just for residents but also for tourists as well who would like to explore the Square Mile  The route has quite a number of iconic and picturesque sights which would be great for residents and tourists.  Its good as a means of exercising not necessarily as a route for getting to and from places, given there may be shorter routes that can be taken depending on the destination.  
 I live in Andrewes House & me & my family would be severely disturbed by runners on the podium highwalk.    
Yes, it's a fantastic idea.  It's central    
live on the South Bank and would use this often as part of regular exercise and exploration    n/a  
   Run for pleasure rather than commuting  
I think this is a great idea!      
I think this is a fantastic idea. I am very for the implementation      
I absolutely love the idea of making the square mile more attractive to running. I run go running from the area often but the bit inside the square mile is always the worst bit.    I don't travel.  
I live one block from The City and run through it almost every day. I would use this all the time!      
Great idea to give runners a dedicated path.  Seems like a well thought out route    
I will use it  It's close to my place of work and would help to do running at lunch time without dodgeing pedestrians  Used to run down to Themes path.  
It’s a unique thing for the city and would promote exercise.      
Yes. Outside space to run in is really important      
Having the option to exercise from work, rather than relying on the commute on polluted, busy roads would be brilliant.      
I am supportive of the idea behind this track but as a Barbican resident / owner of a flat in Andrewes and am not supportive of our living environment and Podium area for which we contribute to the upkeep to be promoted for use as a running track. This will be an invasion of our living space and the peaceful environment we have here. There are routes that can be taken around the barbican that don't require the track to come up to Podium level  I am supportive of the idea behind this track but as a Barbican resident / owner of a flat in Andrewes and am not supportive of our living environment and Podium area for which we contribute to the upkeep to be promoted for use as a running track. This will be an invasion of our living space and the peaceful environment we have here. There are routes that can be taken around the barbican that don't require the track to come up to Podium level    
   If included a running track - currently travel to Southwark Athletics Track weekly  
 Only concern is road crossings and a minority of runners who don't look before they cross    
Definitely in favour! Great idea to get people moving. Would use and encourage others to do so.  Yes, suits me, I work near St Paul’s.  Yes in that it would mean I could do track work (which I currently don’t due to location and travel).  
Great idea      
 yes, but could be bigger.    
Other people will benefit from it a lot  It's central and safe  I will start running sooner then I usually do  
Will cause clashes with pedestrians and others particularly in cramped areas like Barbican podium stairs.  Need to avoid cramped areas like Barbican podium stairs. Also should not add a track to Grade II listed Barbican podium.  Not applicable to me - no benefit to me.  
 I'm a Barbican resident and I live above Podium level. The Barbican structure with its concrete is a place where noise travels VERY easily. When people walk or run on Podium level below my flat I can hear them walk or run in my office and in my bedroom. I do NOT need additional footsteps coming into my home and disturbing my well-being through runners. Thank you.    
This is a fantastic initiative, and will really normalise running throughout the city (I still get strange looks for running anywhere that's not a park or riverside)      
 I would use more if there was more Thames Path involved    
The more freely people can move the better      
   I would however travel to use this, and often socialise with this as a focus - ie meet friends to run here  
Apart from residents, many of the local businesses have funds set aside for things like this and suggest they should be approached given that a large number of their staff would benefit from this.      
I’d definitely use - obviously more in warmer months!    SquareMileTrack would be my exercise destination for running  
 I live in south Islington and would incorporate the route in my I live in south Islington and regularly run around the City in the evening  I always start my run from home which is close to the proposed route  
In favour of creatingroup safer pavements for pedestrians including please consider older population of Barbican, Golden Lane, local estates   "underused" podium is peaceful for walkers- not for running track    
A dreadful idea. More fit bullies overriding normal folk  Dreadful idea. Inappropriate. No need. Out of character.  Terrible idea. 100% against. As bad as cyclists bullying their way on pavements.  
Plenty of space to run on Barbican now and a long route too.    Live on Barbican  
 Runs right past my bedroom window for one thing.    
Safe. No broken paving. Bikes to avoid.      
Firstly, I think exercise is more important now more then ever - but with the pandemic space for safe 'social distancing' will be paramount so we will have to give what ever space we can to the safety of pedestrians as we welcome them Workers back to the City. We desperately need to provide confidence for as many people to come back to work as quickly as possible.  Not applicable at this time  Not applicable  
 More track along the Thames.    
 Would be even better with longer route along the river    
Think it is a great idea to raise the status / awareness of inner city running    N/A usually start from home or work  
I would not feel safe if pavements could also be used as running track.  No. The pavements are well filled with pedestrians    
 Definitely not through the Barbican which has a Grade II* landscape listing. Also this is a residential area, not a sports facility and totally unsuitable for this purpose.  Inappropriate question as I have already stated that I do not travel to reach my exercise destination.  
Great idea and fits in nicely with a healthy City agenda.  Looks like a sensible route    
Yes, it’s a great idea that makes exercise much more accessible to residents and visitors.  It’s a well planned route with minimum road crossing and covers a large area.    
 The Barbican section is right outside peoples homes, mine included. I run daily, and am a competitive club runner, but this is intrusive. Would you want a running track outside your front door?    
 The Barbican is a quiet residential place in the city. There are few spaces in the City of London for this pleasure. It is not fair on residents.    
 Broadly. Though I generally avoid Farringdon Rd due to pollution. A parallel route from Puddle up past old bailey and st Barts also avoids major junctions (which would add delay). Also, Charterhouse Sq is private and often locked. As an alternative you could permanently close the street in front of Charterhouse Sq school (time’s school St already approved). This would give the students a permanent safe outdoor space.  The world is my exercise destination. I particularly love the CoL streets: (I am sure I’m actually at 100%, a lot of GPS errors in the city)  
N/a  Softer pavement will provide less impact on my body  N/A  
People's right of public access to the Barbican estate is barely used by locals. I would like better signposting too to help locals realise they're allowed up there on the walkways!  The Eastern side looks great, as far as the river and along it. But pollution and noise levels on the Blackfriars/West Smithfields section would deter me from using this part of the route. I would be more likely to find my own way back via the raised walkways between Guildhall and through the Barbican.  I'm a local and live within two minutes of the Barbican centre. it's a great place to run, but none of my neighbours seem to be aware that they're allowed access to it. I'd like to see clear signposting for everyone - not just runners - to allow walkers, strollers, parents with buggies etc. to enjoy the walkways.  
It would improve the health and wellbeing of workers and residents  It's a good route that covers many interesting sites    
I dont use it myself. but i have a lot of friends who can get benefit from this. It could give them a sense of security and even motivation.      
seems like a great idea. i work in a gym in stpauls and the more fitness aspects we have to the city, the better!  the route is perfect    
   It's practically on my work doorstep. Hurrah!  
This proposal is not well thought through and does not take account of the attitudes of many runners towards other people using pavements, walkways and other open spaces. At lunchtimes I frequently take walks as exercise in many if not all of the areas which this circuit covers. It wouyld not be an exaggeration to say that many runners on the Thames North Bank footway have scant if any regard for other users be they young, elderly, infirm or walking with children The laying of a specific foot  These are busy walkways particularly at lunch times, the rush hours and during holiday periods. Alternatively spaces like the Barbican gardens are havens for people seeking some peace.    
due to the positive externalities of exercise being visible to all; sense of community    whether it does or doesnt reduce the journey doesn't matter - what matters is that it provides a dedicated space for running - so i would take it even if it increased the distance, as it would be more pleasurable and safe  
Good to get people moving and encourage them as I personally would feel more confident if there was a dedicated path.  Good location    
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I am in favour of the idea because running is a good cheap form of exercise with multiple health benefits.  I think the route would be better extended to 5k to tie in with couch to 5k programmes. I object to the proposal to take the route up over the Barbican podium because it would significantly alter the grade 2 star listed landscape. I also think the amount of stairs will put off new runners and fair weather runners who are most likely to use it. Instead I would accelerate plans to pedestrianise the Barbican tunnel and take the track through there and around the edge of the barbican using silk St    
It is not going to be useful for the vast majority of runners, how many residents or workers; 4.2km is an awkward length, and a boring formalised route is only going to bore runners - invest in groups, promotions, better pedestrianised areas etc.  Absolutely not. The Barbican pathways are a some of the most valuable spaces in the city to get away from the rush and take stock. Adding a running pathway will ruin this; degrade the value of a unique piece of architecture, and cause significant and unnecessary distress to the residents. I strongly oppose this area of the planned route.  How would it?  
Pavements were already too crowded at most times of day before the Covid-19 pandemic struck. While they may not be crowded at the moment I think we must assume they will become busy again.  Farringdon St has busy traffic and is therefore not good for running. The section of the Barbican podium adjacent to London Wall is narrow. Even if the route is not above houses in the Barbican running creates echo effects in, for example, the blocks around Beech Gardens.    
I think it's great for those who are unable or unwilling to attend a gym to be able to exercise outdoors.    As the track is a loop, and one section is near our residence, there will be minial travelling required.  
Only if it keeps to street level and does not intrude onto Barbican estate  No it intrudes into the Barbican walking space and risks the spread of Covid from Runners panting around without face masks    
Fantastic idea - this would be a great start and could lead to a greater linkage of similar tracks  Minimises the number of roads to cross and potential pinch points, takes in city landmarks  I live in the square mile already  
Great way for pedestrians to exercise      
desperately needed, running on tarmac is very bad for knees      
I support the intention for more space for excercise, however the space might eventually be used by pedestrians, then loosing its appeal as a running track.  More space of the Barbican Highways should be encouraged, it is green and away from traffic.    
Arup is excited to see this proposal for a running track in the Square Mile. As an employer in Central London we are very aware of the physical and mental health benefits of our staff being active – if our staff are walking, running or cycling we know they will be healthier, happier and more creative. All too often, active travel is equated with cycling – so we welcome this step to focus on walking and running.  We would like to see the plan develop multiple routes. The immediate access for the runner is the key, so lots of local access is needed. It would also be good to see the route aligning with commuting corridors (or green arteries), including connecting to the main rail stations. Fundamentally, the running track must be inclusive - we want to ensure that everyone has a genuine choice to walk or run and that people feel comfortable and welcome while doing so.  I do not work in the Square Mile  
n/a  n/a  n/a  
 Really intrusive and inappropriate for the Barbican Podium , a haven for children, young parents and the elderly. Runners are generally unattractive and selfishly focussed when running. Visually the track is ugly and detracts from the Podium planting. Carthusian Street is very narrow indeed and has two way traffic and Tesco lorries as well as high pollution . The last place suitable for a running track. I live there. Re-think the route !    
   Don't travel  
Strongly against. The limited pavement space will mean that runners/pedestrians share the track and experience of other cycling/walking routes (e.g. the Greenway in east London) shows that people are unlikely to stick to the designated path in any event. A better idea would be to continue to reduce the amount of traffic through the City to add additional cycle/running paths in the place of existing roads.  Strongly against. The route through the Barbican estate will unnecessarily deface a piece of the City's history and be disruptive for residents. Noise from the podium travels and is already an issue for Barbican residents. This will only increase the issue.  One of the joys of running outdoors is that there is little need to travel to an exercise destination.  
   This question is irrelevant to me as I start and finish my runs from/at home in the Barbican  
Yes, in principle: I favour taking runners, many of whom have an aggressive 'out of my way' attitude, from the public footpaths of the City.  Yes to the extent it does not take more space from the City roads, which are narrow enough for the most part and in normal times carry many heavy vehicles (e.g. Aldersgate Street). Secondly, it is dangerous for runners to be adjacent to traffic.    
Am not a jogger but a good idea for the area and happy to support      
It would be helpful to see a cost benefit analysis in view of the current suggestion that council tax in London is to increase subrtantially.    Currently I use a gym which is about 200 meters from our property so the distance to the track from the property will be broadly the same.  
Great idea      
It's a great idea!      
I run lots and have had many injuries from poor pavements    work from home  
 I'm not sure about the Thames riverside section. I feel it would cause conflict with pedestrians.    
Great Idea to get people exercising!  looks good, can you avoid stairs?    
   Have the comments been ordered so negative comments only appear after scrolling down some way? I am absolutely not in favour of this idea. As a resident of the square mile I am utterly fed up with walking to the shops and having joggers (I have never seen a jogger with a mask) running inches from my face huffing, puffing, spitting and sweating with no regard for social distancing or mask etiquette. 75,000 people have died from an an airbone virus. Don't turn the streets into a running track.  
I moved from W1 recently and no longer go running because there are no enjoyable/practical routes. This track would be fantastic.      
I in favour of the track. However, it only addresses the problem of lack of appropriate outdoor activity spaces in the Square Mile for a small portion of residents who are able to run or use running as a form of exercise. We also need appropriate outdoor fitness and workout equipment for Square Mile residents, who are unable to run due to physical impediments, injuries or disabilities.      
 As a runner could we have more sections on the Thames / less busy roads. I’m concerned Smithfield’s and Blackfriars is going to be v busy    
Resident  No changes  Walk to office, and childcare/ no shower facilities in office run from home  
 I think it should avoid Grand Avenue. East Poultry, when available, would be better.    
Excellent idea to provide a safe, free place to exercise for the City's many runners. It would also benefit pedestrians by keeping the large number of lunchtime runners off the busy pavements.    I don't exercise in the City  
Anything which promotes public heath is good      
   Not applicable because I don’t travel  
I believe it is a great initiative and a positive step towards encouraging a healthy lifestyle for residents and commuters alike.  I would like to see it extended further and broader, for example, along both sides of the Thames  I live in Smithfield and regularly run 5k to 20k, to get to a park, for softer surfaces. This would negate some of the need for that travel.  
Great initiative!      
I run on the Barbican walkways almost every day and strongly support this initiative.      
 Could there be an option to go further? Ie. 4km loop but can add on a bit more of the Thames if you wanted to go 6km for example.    
looks really ugly      
A safe space for runners of any level is important in the City.  Not in favour of stairs and unsafe sections of the route to cross roads. I'd need to test the route in different parts of the day to fully appreciate it and/or make suggestions. Tourist attractions not a plus point for runners if the track is being used in the true sense. Very important the running track is safe and efficient, even if it means not running past a tourist attraction or place of importance.  I see the track as an opportunity to undertake a run before work and/or during lunch and/or after work.  
Great initiative encouraging an active lifestyle. It will also help to have a dedicated track when the pavements of the City will get crowded again.      
In principle yes. It will hopefully encourage people to exercise and bring runners together as a community. I can however see some unwanted effects/behaviour arising from the segregation of uses of pedestrian routes, ie runners who might believe "This is a track for runners so how dare you walk on it and get in our way". It will be impossible to prevent non-runners from wandering onto the track.  I think the route should AVOID busy areas such as tourist attractions unless there is copious space to accommodate all.    
I would use it for running a couple of times a week, and in favour of others running on the track when I am walking in the area.  Yes it’s a great route. If you decide to make it longer, even better.  I run from home, often along the river and this route would be a great addition. I work in the city, but don’t run-commute. The track would be great for lunch time walks from work.  
I live literally on the boundary of the square mile, it is horrible running the streets, this would be great.      
 the route link does not work so I cannot say!  N/A  
This is a fabulous idea. Wholeheartedly support it      
 An eastward extension would be great.    
This looks like an excellent idea and to be encouraged      
A key factor of people and purpose in my view is: the Convergence of Health and Wealth. This track will improve the heath of the people who live, visit and / or work in the City of London.      
 Link doesn't work    
Would be great to have opportunity to run after work on a proper track    Sorry not sure I understand the question  
I think it would be a great idea  Sorry but your link for the route was not working    
 Extend to 5km as this will be much better for training runs    
It should also consider over 65yo.      
There are so many people over weight in our time. This is a great initiative. I fully support. Everyone should have access to outdoors exercising. It can be expensive to join a gym and even if it was free, it not everyone cup of tea. It is also good for our mental health to be out and about. It brings some balance to life after been sitting down for hours to work.      
    I would use it frequently on my lunch hour and post work runs. It's not between my work and home so wouldn't reduce my commute.  
Fantastic idea I would use regularly      
It can provide a safe environment for anyone, especially women to run in the City.  Can't see the route  Not sure, I can't see the route